Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), Bangladesh


Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) : In 1960 the Directorate of technical Education was established for development of technical and vocational education. The Directorate of Technical Education initiated rapid development and expansion works of degree, diploma and trade level technical education in the country.Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), logo

To cope up with increasing magnitude of academic activities, the need for establishment of a “Statutory Board” was keenly felt. A statutory body namely “The East Pakistan Technical Education Board” was established through Act. No. 1 of 1967 of the then East Pakistan Assembly, which is how Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).

Thus the Bangladesh Technical Education Board came into existence with the jurisdiction over the entire area of Bangladesh to organize, supervise, regulate, control and develop technical and vocational education. The Board in its present form became operative with effect form June 1969.Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Logo

With the affiliation from Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI) has been providing 4 years Diploma in Engineering and Diploma in Textile Engineering program since 2006. Under Diploma in Engineering program, 5 technology is now available at BSDI. These are Textile, Telecommunication, Civil, Computer and Electrical Technology. Beside 4 years Diploma in Engineering Program, BSDI has also been approved for providing Hotel Management Program since 2003.

[ Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) ]

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